Hi, I’m Megan, and I love needlepoint!

Welcome to the next phase of my life. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of three. I thought it was time to put into motion a dream I have had for years. My desire has always been to open my own needlepoint shop. Needlepoint is a nostalgic art which lives on through many generations. My grandmother taught my mother, my mother taught my sister and me and I have taught my two daughters and my son. We have been needlepointing as a family ever since. Please join me on this journey as I delve into my next chapter.

About Knot the Point…

My wish is that Knot the Point will become a place to gather, learn and share. Opening in fall 2019 in Tampa, shoppers will find anything and everything related to needlepoint, including thread, painted canvases, supplies, and more.


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